Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teaching, Shopping, & Mowing

Busy day today. After a VERY late night waiting up for my dear husband, I got up ealier than normal to make it to my Tuesday English teaching. I love my class, even though I'm just assisting. The girls are all so sweet; it's awesome getting to knew ladies from different cultures. Then this afternoon, after a stop at my chiropractor, I hit the store for some sweet deals. I ended up saving just over 50% with all my coupons + sales :) I use a website called SouthernSavers.com which makes it so easy. If I put in more time, I could probably save more (not like those extreme couponers you see on TV, but closer to 60-75% off). But I am busy enough and a 50% savings is good for me. After bringing home the goodies, I was off to assist my husband in our 2nd job--lawn care. 2 lawns later it was getting dark and I was finally home for the evening. So I guess I did walk today, but it was around a store and outside working, not quite what I had planned. Hopefully I'll be able to get back out there tomorrow.

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