Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wicked White Weeds

YeeHaw! Hot diggidy! Git er done! After breakfast and a 20 minute walk (about 1/2 mile backwards to change it up), I let Chica into the backyard to chase lizards and started on my daily weeding. I try to weed one of the 3 tiers of the planter daily to keep up with things, and to get a good feel for the moisture in the soil. Well! Today I set out to weed the middle bed, and 45 minutes later I had a pile of these pervasive white rooted weeds that are constantly popping back up! I just decided to dig as far down as I could to find the source, and boy howdy! those things grow deep. I usually dig down about a hands length and just snap them off, but this time I took a cultivator and dug down about 2 feet anywhere I saw the heads of them so I could find all the other branches and (hopefully) get the source out. I did this all along the 10 foot length of the middle planter. Whew, that was a job, but quite fun. I love a challenge, and theses weeds have been just that! I don't think I got the root in all of the places, but I certainly put a dent in their growth. Hopefully they'll get the hint and not bother to grow back ;)

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