Monday, October 24, 2011

A Whole Week

I cannot believe a whole WEEK has past since I updated my blog! Well.... maybe I can believe it since I have been super-busy cleaning and then hosting. We had so much fun!!! My husband & I took them through St Augustine and all around Jacksonville, though there were still some places missed--there is only so much we can do in the few days they were here :) Dad loves fish but doesn't get much in Arizona, so we introduced them to 2 different fish camps. Mmmmmm! I am going to have to work out hard to avoid putting on weight this week! And we must have hit almost every Starbucks & coffee shop around town :) After a wonderful visit, they headed out early this morning and the housed is back to normal (or it will be after I clean up a bit). I should get back to regular schedule tomorrow.

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