Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 2

Two days in a row. That's a fair start to beginning to build back habits that were lost.
Even though I had to leave relatively early this morning, I managed to get in a short walk, mostly because that was the only way to make sure Chica did not have an accident while I was gone :) I also worked out in the garden for 30 minutes, weeding out the same old white rooted weeds that I had been fighting before. They just keep coming back! I guess that's what makes them a weed. I do have a nice crop of lettuce growing, along with a few late-blooming tomatoes. I'm hoping it doesn't get to cold, since that's what killed my late bloomers last year. I think the carrots are doing well too, but there is really no way to tell other than to uproot a plant; so I'll wait until it's time to harvest and hope for the best. Oh, and the green beans have flowered. Hopefully that means they'll be developing soon. I can't wait to eat what I've worked so hard to cultivate!

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