Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Errand day

After a morning teaching English & a quick lunch, I spent the afternoon grocery shopping. I shopped off my list, but I still didn't do as well as usual. I aim for 50% savings when I shop at Publix but I think I only got 30%. I never do as well when I buy meats: I can never find coupons for them! Oh well, at least I got what I needed and stayed within budget. For dinner tonight I made mushroom soup. I thought my husband would be happy, he loves mushrooms. But he let me know (after I had dinner ready) he did not like mushroom soup! Apparently he doesn't like his mushrooms pureed. Well, I had him try it anyway, and he said it was good. So my first attempt at mushroom soup got a thumbs up from a difficult audience :)

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