Wednesday, September 21, 2011


After a not-so-hot day yesterday, I woke up determined to do things right today. I started with a light breakfast & coffee, followed by 20 minutes of step aerobics, & I've got a healthy meals in the crockpot for tonight. Today will be a busy day and I don't want to come to the end of today with nothing planned for dinner. That happened last night and I ended up throwing a frozen pizza in the oven. It was one of those Freschetta Bruschetta pizzas with the thin crust, so it was healthier than other options, but still too many calories & not enough nutrients for me (though it was very tasty). I had planned to walk with Chica this morning, but after yesterday's rain & with the sun shining, it is hot and really muggy :{ Not a good morning for walking outside. Come on fall-bring the cool this way! 177, 29

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