Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Fruits

I ate the first "crop" from my garden today! I had to thin out the lettuce sprouts because there were WAY too many. So instead of just throwing away the extra sprouts, I washed them & ate them with my lunch :) They were yummy. I can't wait to eat the fully developed leaves! Tonight Jimmy and I went out for a date night to a new restaurant opened by a friend of mine. It's called Green Erth Bistro (no, that is not a misspelling) and they serve fresh, organic Persian food. It was so good! They have awesome kabobs, and the basmati rice w/ fresh basil & grilled Roma tomatoes was amazing. Oh, and I did exercise today--I walked with Chica for 15-20 minutes and worked out in the garden for 10 minutes.

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