Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lessons Learned

Monday was so busy, with prepping for a dinner party, working for 4 hours, & then coming home and hosting the party--the whole day sped by without a chance to exercise much less blog about it. But today has been a little slower. After a morning out and about, I came home determined to not let another day slip by without some sort of workout. So before I ate lunch I strapped on my in-line skates and took Chica for a "walk"--though for her little legs it was more of a jog :) This is only the third or fourth time I've attempted roller blading, so it's still a scary prospect, but it is becoming more fun than scary. I learned a few things this time. In the past I've been too scared to try to go very fast. I've mostly focused on staying upright and trying not to fall. This time I tried to loosen up a little... and I fell. But it didn't hurt too bad, just a few scrapes on my hand that will heal in a day or two. So having fun is better than worrying about falling. That was lesson 1. I also learned that leaning back to try to catch your balance is the surest way to fall flat on your rump! It's better to lean forward. Also, the asphalt on one side of a paved road is usually smoother than the other; who knew?! I think I'll try again tomorrow.

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