Monday, September 19, 2011

A Fair Start to Another Week

After a food-packed weekend (choir banquet, baby shower, Sunday school breakfast, etc) I am back on track today with tracking what I'm eating.  I still have some of that yummy coffee punch left from the shower calling my name, but I'm making it into an ice cream.  It's a whole lot easier for me to count points on a dessert splurge than on a drink.  I tend to just ignore the fact that I am drinking a calorific nightmare and not even write it down.  This way I don't feel the urge to drink it all in the next few days just so I can return the borrowed pitcher.  I can enjoy it in moderation over the next few weeks, and wash & return the pitcher today :-)  Back to topic: I did not exercise yesterday (Sundays off :-) but I did get in a mile + walk this morning with Chica.  She enjoyed it very much and I, well, I still hate exercise. 176.8, 20

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